Wedding Shoes for Him and Her

Weddings shoes, very like wedding dresses and colour schemes are usually a matter of personal taste. Some brides opt for comfort over style. Some like a flat shoe, others a heel. Some spend half of their wedding budget on a pair of expensive designer shoes and others prefer a bargain bin. Here’s what to keep in mind when deciding on your wedding shoes, for both Bride and Groom:



When it comes to your wedding shoes, for us it’s always function over fashion. Your feet may look smashing in those Jimmy Choo heels but if you’re not able to take more than two steps without a crippling pain in your feet. Is it really worth it? Chose a pair of shoes you can walk in and bring an even more comfortable pair for when it gets late and you want to enjoy a boogie!


Choose shoes made of a comfortable soft material like leather that won’t leave the delicate skin on your heels in agony by the end of the night. Make sure you wear them for a couple of hours before the wedding to spot troublesome areas and loosen them out.



Brides are lucky to have complete creative control when it comes to choosing shoes. You could even get away with a pair of white trainers if that’s what you’d prefer! You can really make a statement with your wedding shoe with a bright colour or design if your dress allows.


Generally, Grooms opt for formal dress shoes to pair with their wedding suits but these days, anything goes! Try to get a style of shoe that suits your personal style but do avoid training (gym style) shoes, they can make a formal suit look sloppy.



Number one tip is to consider the length of your dress when choosing your shoes. Try to bring your shoes (or ones of a similar height) to a fitting so your seamstress can measure exactly where they need to alter.


Same goes with men’s heel height. If your heel is a lot higher than the shoes you wore to your fitting, your tailor may cut the hem too short and you’ll be left with too-short trousers. We can’t think of a worse style nightmare on the wedding day!

Other great tips

Match the colour of white shoes/dresses to each other so one doesn’t look worn & off colour.

Grooms, consider your socks as well as your shoes! Invest in a good quality pair of thick socks to protect your heels and so you’re not caught wearing the Superman socks stuck in the back of the sock drawer!

Consider buying your bridal and grooms party shoes as a gift. They will have a useful keepsake of the big day and having matching shoes will bring the look together well.

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