Choosing The Right Wedding Cake

For some couples it’s the main event and for others it’s a minor detail - either way a cake is a staple at your wedding even if it’s just for the pictures! If you’ve never chosen a wedding cake before, you may be a little lost at where to start. Here’s our foolproof guide, complete with tips we’ve learned along the way, to choosing the right wedding cake for you:

Cost & Size

When you are deciding what size you want your cake to be, factor in the number of guests confirmed – not invited. You don’t want to feed an army but you’d like each person to at least get a taste of your delicious cake. Three tiers will feed under 200 guests but anything over and you need to consider a bigger cake.

When it comes to cost, remember if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Choose your baker depending on their previous work and recommendations, not just who can do it cheapest. Lastly, make sure you budget enough for the cake, your perfect cake may be costly so do your research. Good cakes aren’t cheap and cheap cakes aren’t good!

Types Of Cake

You should decide in advance what type of cake you want so you have a good idea when meeting your baker. There are a huge range of cake fillings to choose from, from a long lasting traditional fruit cake to a must-eat-quickly fresh cream & sponge cake. You should definitely go for a tasting with your baker/bakery as their version of a Victoria Sponge may not be exactly what you had in mind. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions and get to know the skill level of your baker.

When To Order

You should start shopping around for your perfect cake and baker at least 6 months before the big day and place your final order shortly after. It’s incredibly important to give your baker plenty of notice so they can schedule properly and give your wedding cake the time and attention it deserves. If you are getting married during high-season, the most popular bakers may even be booked a year in advance!

Manage Your Expectations

We’ve all seen Cake Boss and other baking shows but realistically, your wedding cake may not look quite so TV ready. You have to manage your expectations and remember, TV cakes have weeks of work by a team of expert bakers. Some may even be made of Styrofoam which certainly won’t do! Your cake will be imperfectly unique and perfect for your special day. If all else fails, make sure there are some fresh flowers to hand to make the display table look pretty.

How To Store

Your cake may be delivered a day or two before the wedding to make sure everything is running on schedule. Make sure you get specific instruction from your baker about exactly how the cake should be stored. Did you know, cakes with a fondant covering don’t actually need to be refrigerated? This may be a good option especially, during summer months to stop your masterpiece from melting!

To make sure your venue is as unique and stunning as your dream wedding cake, consider Tulfarris House Hotel for your wedding. Our dedicated team of wedding coordinators have years of experience and are ready to help with any questions or queries you may have. Call us now to arrange a show around.