Creative Wedding Dessert Ideas

Are you looking for something fun and creative for your wedding dessert? Pinterest is a virtual treasure trove for ideas and inspiration for all aspects of your wedding especially cakes and desserts. Think beyond the standard wedding cake and incorporate your favourite desserts onto a dessert table. Here are some of our best ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Think small

At a traditional wedding, after dinner is when the happy couple cut the cake and everyone starts to dance. Unfortunately, the cake is usually left on the table! Don’t waste money on a huge cake that no one will eat, think smaller! Offer a variety of smaller, bite-sized desserts so that your guests can help themselves instead of serving up a huge chunk of cake that will likely go to waste. Think cake-pops, milk and cookies or cupcakes, which can all be personalised to suit the theme or colour scheme of your wedding.


You’d have to be blind not to notice the abundance of doughnut shops popping up around the country with a huge variety of flavours and toppings that are a far cry from the plain jam doughnut we remember from childhood! Incorporate this trend into your wedding dessert table with a doughnut wall. You will certainly impress your guests with a literal wall full of doughnuts of all sizes and flavours. Leave out some boxes too in case your guests want to take some home; they can even double as wedding favours.

Sweets galore

Some couples want to veer away from cake altogether and opt for a sweet cart or a ‘buffet’ of sweet treats. This way the guests can help themselves to their favourite sweets or fill up a bag to take home and enjoy later. These can be done in an inexpensive way by wrapping jars wrapped in colourful ribbon and filling with your favourite goodies. You can really personalise it by featuring his & hers favourites from childhood. 

A cooler option

This one is especially good for summer weddings but we love ice-cream all year round! You can hire an ice cream machine (think soft, creamy 99’s) or a stall that serves soft scoop ice cream in every flavour imaginable. Then fill a table with all of the traditional, and some unusual ice cream toppings like sprinkles, flakes, syrup and nuts so your guests can personalise their yummy ice cream. 

A tower of goodies

For a real eye-catching and picture worthy dessert table, you could consider a croquembouche. This iconic French dessert is a literal tower of choux pastry balls piled into a conical shape and bound with threads of caramel. This dessert is a real choux –stopper (sorry!) and will be sure to turn heads. You can also create the same type of tower using Macaroons and these can be suited to your colour scheme too.

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