Top Wedding Trends for 2018

Whether your wedding style is trendy or classic, you will find everything you are looking for at your Wicklow Wedding Venue. Just as every bride is unique, so is every wedding, and our staff are trained to accommodate all trends and traditions. Although some bridal and wedding trends never go out of style, such as colours, lace, off the shoulder and strapless dresses, the upcoming year brings some sassy and bold new looks. Our Wicklow Wedding Venue team is ready for all brides and their wedding styles! Here are the upcoming top 5 wedding trends for 2018:

Top Colours of the Season

 2018 has two colour schemes that are projected to be popular, the modern yet traditional black and white, and a new and upcoming millennial pink and baby blue. Brides are turning towards these colours for their wedding dresses, and using the accents for their wedding themes. A black and white wedding theme is unmistakably sophisticated and modern. This dramatic colour contrast is used for invitations, favors, or ceremony and reception accessories, as well being intertwined in the bride and bridal party’s dresses, looking chic and contemporary. The bride’s dress might have black accents such as gloves or a ribbon, and the bridal party is beautiful in all black, matching the men in tuxedos.

The newest colour schemes to enter the wedding market this year is what they are calling millennial pink and baby blue, not together of course. This is not only the colours that we are seeing tied into the party, brides are purchasing their own dresses in these colours as well. Millennial pink is said to be the “colour of the year”. Well, actually it is not a colour but better known as a colour scheme ranging from ballerina pink to a salmon or coral. Blue is a tranquil choice that symbolizes peace and harmony, and has remained one of the most popular colour choices for weddings for many years now. Baby blue is subtle, sophisticated and makes for a beautiful, unique and memorable wedding dress.


The corset trend for wedding dresses has been going strong for a few seasons now but has been elevated with details, like embroidery, appliqués, guipure lace and stunning blue crystal work. Notice the blue again? Corsets are the most popular fashion items right now. Although the corset has been closely linked to a vintage or steampunk look, it can be intertwined into an elegant antique wedding theme which can add a timeless touch to both the bride and the venue.


Yes, they are back! And although you may think of Superwoman, or any other superhero, when you hear the word “cape” this is far from the raging trend in dresses or decor. There are not many times a cape can be considered a practical piece of clothing, but when it comes to a needed bridal outerwear, the cape takes the lead. It comes from the romantic era, and doesn’t mess with the shape of the dress. From short to long, sheer to opaque, when the air gets a little chilly as it often does in the evenings at Wicklow, the bride can be fully prepared.

 Etheral Layers

Ruffles and tulle never go out of style and are a staple for most weddings. This season designers took that look and dulled it down a bit with soft tiers that reveal beautiful lacework, embroidery, or even glimpses of the bride’s bar leg underneath. This look is also a beautiful way to accent the reception with table clothes and drapings that follow the same style. It creates an exquisitely romantic ambiance.

Deco Hi-Glam

2018 will also bring a throwback to the '20s and '30s Art Deco period and boy will this make for some fun wedding dresses and reception decor. With elegant beaded embellishments and embroidery, chandelier styled necklaces and dresses with dreamy, swoopy draping at the back.  For views into this trend, check out the latest Hollywood weddings, they are going all vintage, deo and hi-glam.

Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort has the ability to transform and create the atmosphere of each individual bride’s dreams and offer unparalleled ambiance matching current trends and personal tastes. Our scenic setting makes for the most beautiful wedding, photos, and lifelong memories. 

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