Wedding Rings

So you have decided to get married, congratulations! Your wedding rings are one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. Yourself and your other half will wear these as a symbol of your union for the rest of your lives so you need to be careful when choosing the ring. Here are our top tips when ring shopping.

Ask for advice

This is a very big decision to take on all on your own. You may need to consult an experienced friend or family member to make sure you are making the right decision. You could ask your soon-to-be spouses’ parents, siblings, friends, or a couple you know who have been through this for advice and tips. You can also ask for professional advice from the store itself. Make sure you call ahead to ensure there is a sale assistant free to give you their full attention. Asking for advice from someone professional and experienced can add a valuable insight to a big decision which can ease the pressure in what should be a very enjoyable time

Where to buy

We can’t stress this enough, if you are buying diamonds or other precious stones, make sure you ask to see all documentation relating to the stone before you buy. If your wedding ring doesn’t have a stone, which many don’t, you need to ensure the metal is certified gold, silver, platinum or whatever metal you have chosen. You are spending a lot of money on this and the last thing you want on top of the stress of the wedding planning is to find you’ve been ripped off. Always buy expensive jewellery from a reliable and reputable jeweller and remember if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is!

Trends & Styles

We would recommend you stay away from the latest trends and styles when considering wedding rings. This will be worn for many decades and through many eras of style so you would be better to choose something timeless. Make sure you consider your personal style and the jewellery you already wear and try to stay on the same lines so everything can be styled nicely together. For example, if you like gold costume jewellery, a delicate silver piece wouldn’t fit. You should also consider the shape of the ring and if it will fit with your engagement ring and eternity rings.


  • Take your time deciding

  • Set a budget before you enter a shop

  • Book a consultation ahead of time

  • Ask to see the diamond or gold certificate from the jeweller

  • Match your metals with existing rings.


  • Don’t feel under pressure to buy

  • Don’t buy around Christmas or Valentine’s day - the holiday rush means you won’t get the attention you need.

  • Don’t buy without trying the rings on you both.

  • Don’t buy a ring that doesn’t fit perfectly, the jeweller can advise on resizing.

  • Don’t forget to enjoy the process, it should be a happy time for you both.

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