Ways to Personalise Your Weddings

When planning your wedding and picking your venue you will be drawn to the place with the most beautiful backdrop. Sometimes the interior of the hotel, especially the function room leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily in Tulfarris both our ceremony and banquet rooms will make your wedding one to remember. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to personalise the rest of your wedding, keep reading:

Table names

The most obvious and easiest way to make bring a personal touch to your wedding is by naming your tables. Instead of table one and table two, why not bring a touch of your personalities into the dining room. Sit your friends and family at tables named after your favourite drinks, animals or the TV shows you both love, maybe Game of Thrones. Imagine the fun of sitting at the Stark table, keeping a close eye on those sneaky Bolton’s!


Another way to make your wedding more personal, and leave it etched in the minds of your guests for years to come is to make your favours as special as possible. If you are having a Christmas wedding, have decorations made detailing both your names and the date of your wedding so guests can celebrate with you for years to come. You could also send guests home with a special photo album they can fill with pictures from your big day.


When sending out your invitations, leave a blank spot for your guests to request a song that will get them up and dancing at your weddings after party. You should also detail a list of songs and genre of music that means a lot to you both. Perhaps the number one hits from the day you were both born, your special song and songs you listen to regularly. Give these to your DJ to ensure the music is all thriller and no filler!

Personalised menus

You will have picked out your food choices months before your big day and the hotel usually prints a detailed menu for each of your guests. Arrange one of the bridal party to take a picture of you as a newly married couple and send it to the hotels wedding organiser. They can hold off on printing until they get this picture then add it to the front of the menu. This will be a lovely keepsake for you and your guests, your first picture as a married couple. Please note this printing option is available mid-week, subject to terms & conditions.

Write your own vows

Wedding ceremonies can be long and quite repetitive especially during the summer months when there are weddings to attend every other weekend. It doesn’t get any more personal than writing your own vows and professing your love in front of all of your family and friends in a really heartfelt and honest way. Ask for help from friends and family members to write the perfect vows with the right amount of soppiness balanced with some humour.


If you want a wedding you and your guests will never forget, contact our fabulous wedding and events team in Tulfarris Hotel in Wicklow. We offer a stunning backdrop, delicious food and an unbeatable atmosphere from start to finish.