4 Ideas for Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are just as unique as the individual's wedding. They require thought and creativity to appeal to a large diverse crowd, and must represent the word "thank you" in a multitude of languages. We have done a bit of research to make a list of some of the most unique ideas we have found. Feel free to customize, add or change any part of this to personalize your wedding favour to suit your fancy!

4. Home goods are always a great way to thank your guests for their attendance at your wedding as everyone has a home! Make sure to purchase something that will not just sit upon a shelf or get stored away, but used! Kitchen items are always great and you can be super creative with you wording to make any kitchen item have a cute and loving touch. A pizza cutter that says "A piece of Love", measuring spoons that have "a pinch of love", a heart shaped cutting board, or utensils with hearts in the stem, are all very unique and classy thank yous.

3. You simply can not go wrong with sweets. The majority or your guests will happily consume them, and these items will not go home to be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet. The trick is to get creative and make their presentation as unique and memorable as possible. Encasing chocolates is classic and elegant, and by far one of my personal all time favorite wedding favours. However, another unique idea is gifting a mini jar of honey with the words "Love as Sweet as Honey" attached. It addresses both the sweet tooth and the health advocate.

2. Well, it is the age of technology. If the majority of your crowd is the computer savvy type, then this favour will be extremely useful and appreciated. Give each guest a personalized thumb drive. You can even put directions on where to go to download wedding pictures!

1.The number one gift idea is wedding music! Provide each guest with a CD compilation of the songs played during your wedding night. Be sure to include a variety of music so that each guest can enjoy the creation. Decorate the CD cover with a personalized image and message. Guests can enjoy this gift for years to come!

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