Hottest New Wedding Trends of 2017

Weddings in all of their various forms, are as old as time. Although they have changed in rituals and traditions, the core value of uniting two individuals in love has not and will not ever change. There are hundreds of options that a couple must consider when planning a wedding. Will the couple organize their wedding around customs and traditions? Will they dig deep into their culture and pull out some oldies but goldies such as the hand fasting ritual or will they ride the wave of the hottest and newest wedding trends to arrive?

One of my favourite new trends arising is “the first look”. It has always been taboo for the couple to see each other prior to the ceremony. Some have gone as far as to claim it is bad luck, others simply want to save the surprise for the actual ceremony itself. As photographers have become a huge part of the wedding industry, and the art of photography has continued to grow and evolve, I believe this new trend began there. With the essence of capturing that first look, that moment when the couple first lay eyes on each other. This moment may just be at the heart and the reason for the entire gathering over all. For those couples that still believe in the taboo of it, photographers are getting very creative with their abilities to capture “the first look” without the couple even having a glimpse of one another by using barriers to viewing. Other more devious couples have the photographer capture the actual moment when their eyes first lay upon one another, prior to the event, in private, without an audience and without the stresses of the event. The pictures that are captured become real, unposed and of complete and utter love. This has been a pivotal change in tradition, and I believe may be one of the biggest trends for 2017.

As far as wedding themes, according to Bridal Guide, there are 5 trends that have topped the charts, and are anticipated to continue throughout the upcoming years.


“Barn” themed weddings, filled with branches, lanterns, and nature-inspired décor, are more popular than ever.


The vintage wedding trend is still going strong! There is something that feels very romantic about adding old-world items and antiques to the wedding day.

High Drama

Incredibly impressive décor and luxe designs that are above eye level such as ceiling hangings, high light fixtures, decorated trees or fireworks.


From candlelit ceremonies to receptions lit by crystal chandeliers. This beautiful trend continues to sweep you away and melt your heart.


Super creative and odd ideas. Playful, fanciful and pixyish. People are straying from tradition, and here is where they exert their individuality. Some use movie or book themes to express their special day.

Below are additional trends that are foreseen to be hot wedding trends for 2017 by leading professional in the industry.


Floral art has become popular. There will be bold, bright and vibrant bouquets with lush floral displays throughout the event. Cascading arrangements will be the hot new floral trend, lots of green, with the essence of bringing the outdoors in. Simple boutonnieres for men,  and bridesmaid bouquets accented with long ribbons have made a comeback.

Bridesmaid dresses 

Remember the old rule of thumb that only the bride wears white? Not anymore! The wedding trend is now white bridesmaid dresses, elegant, catchy, and ALLall  varying in style, with the most popular being off the shoulders

Unique ceremony backdrops

Warm Colours

Golden oranges, sunny yellows, and bold reds for cosy wedding colours that pack some heat. Rainbow colours will definitely take the lead this upcoming year

Wedding Cakes

Art inspired, almost look too-good-to-eat cakes

Ceremony Size

Small intimate ceremonies are becoming the preferred choice

2017 promises to bring lots of charisma into the wedding world. Couples will have so much to choose from dating back to customary traditions, to anticipated new trends, or a classy combination of the two. All making for a memorable and cherished day to be enjoyed by the happy couple and their guests.

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