5 Alternatives to a Wedding Veil

Have you decided what you’ll be wearing in your hair on your wedding day? Contemplating whether the veil is really your style? Maybe you prefer a simple garnish to a traditional long, flowing veil? The ultimate decision is yours, and you have a multitude of choices to play with! In the list below you will find an assortment of options to begin your research on achieving your perfect wedding day look.

5.An elegant bridal cap. A bridal cap can be made with any combination of the following: tulle, lace, or silk flowers for a unique look. Pair this look with the side chignon hair style, and you will dawn a classic bridal look.

4. The next option is beautiful bridal headpiece that can be made with lace, pearls, rhinestones, and flowers or leaves. This piece can be sewn onto satin ribbons and is suitable with any hairstyle.

3. A tiara! This speaks majestic royalty on your wedding day and allows you to be the queen of the event. Tiaras come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. If this is your choice of head decor, it is a magnificent one!

2. A bridal comb. This speaks beauty and simplicity all in one. It can also be worn in your hair after the wedding day, and goes with a multitude of hairstyles, updos and down.

1.Flowers. The variety of flower head pieces are unlimited! You can go with crystal flowers, real flowers, or silk flowers. You can go with flowers worn as a headpiece, or on a comb. They make for a sweet and lovely hair adornment!

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