Choosing the right wedding favors for your guests

Are you struggling to choose the right wedding favor for your special day? We’ve come up with some unique and some ‘done to death’ options for you to choose from, depending on your crowd:


Food is always a popular option when it comes to favors. You could offer guests a ‘help-yourself’ sweet table with your childhood favorites so your guests can choose whatever they want to take home. You might consider having special chocolate bar wrappers printed with the date of your special day or your guest’s name so they can double as a place card. You could also have specially customized bottles of Coke/Diet coke or little jars of Nutella with your names or theirs.


A popular option at weddings in Ireland are small bottles of spirits so your guests can enjoy a tipple on you. You could ask for their favourite drink on the RSVP, order little glass bottles and cute custom labels online and fill accordingly with a range of spirits. Tie a ribbon and a place card your guest’s name on so they can find their special gift. Rhymes like ‘we’ve tied the knot, so have a shot’ are always appreciated!


It’s always nice to give your guests something they can reuse again and again to remember your special day. You could have special custom mugs made, keyrings, candles, bottle openers, potpourri… the list is endless! Try to have a local company make or print these items for you if budgets allow; it’s always nice to support the local community.


If you’re getting married around a holiday, you could theme your wedding and your favors around it. For example; chocolate eggs around Easter, hearts around Valentine’s day and of course, customised Christmas decorations around the silly season. These will be taken out each year so your guests can think fondly of your big day.

Uniquely Irish

If you’re getting married on the Emerald Isle, chances are you’ll want something uniquely Irish your guests will remember better than the inevitable 3am singalong! You could arrange for two slices of fresh Brennan’s Bread, a pat of Kerrygold Butter and a packet of delicious (but pungent) Tayto cheese and onion as a midnight snack. You could give your guests a bit of the ‘luck of the Irish’ with a chance to win big on a National Lottery scratch card, or if you want to do something a bit more humorous, commission some local artists to create hilarious caricatures for your guests to take away.

Donations to charity

A classic wedding gift which not only gives your guests a good feeling but helps a needy cause is a donation to a charity in their name. Instead of giving your guests gifts they’ll soon forget, or something disposable, a donation will have a huge lasting effect on your chosen charity. You can custom your donation to a cause that is close to your heart, be it needy animals or homelessness, you can be sure a substantial donation will have a huge impact

Whether you opt for a humorous or meaningful favor for your guests, make sure your wedding venue is something they’ll never forget. With outstanding food, luxury accommodation and top-class service throughout, Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort is a more than a venue, it’s a destination.