How To Plan Your Honeymoon

One of the best parts of planning a wedding is daydreaming and planning where to go on your honeymoon! Once all of the stress of planning and the inevitable worrying about the big day is over, you’ll need a romantic break, just the two of you to connect as a couple and share an amazing experience together, wherever that may be. Here are our top tips for booking your honeymoon


You should start looking at venues and planning your trip at least 6-8 months in advance, especially if you are planning to travel longer-term or move around. This gives you plenty of time to figure out what you want to see and the logistics of getting there.


Set a budget for your honeymoon and try your best to stick to it. Discuss and decide how much you can spend on the honeymoon and where your budget allows you to travel to. Don’t bank on wedding gifts as your honeymoon fund and don’t put yourself into serious debt just for a holiday.


Discuss where you both have in mind for a ‘dream holiday’ and see can you fit both ideas in. If you fancy a beach break but the other half wants to go hiking, find a place you can do both. If that’s impossible, see can you extend your break and halve your time between countries. Marriage, and honeymoons, are about compromise!


Decide well in advance when you want to go, keeping in mind that more exotic locations often have opposite seasons to us. Decide if you will go a couple of days after the wedding or wait and save for another few months. You may consider extending your time in Tulfarris when your guests have left, making it into a Mini-Moon.

Travel Agent

If you’re a DIY type person when it comes to travel, the honeymoon may be the one time to relinquish power. You don’t want to have to stress about budgets, hotels, flight check-ins and transfers. Paying a bit extra leaves all of that to an experienced travel agent who can arrange everything on your behalf. Make sure you use a recommended and reputable agent.


Research is key for a honeymoon, you don’t want to arrive and realise there’s nothing to do there! Plan a couple of fun activities and things to see and do in your chosen location so you can get to know the local area and experience the culture. Or sit on the beach and drinks cocktails for a couple of weeks, it’s completely up to you!

Enjoy the journey

You may have this image of your honeymoon being an absolute dream holiday where nothing goes wrong but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. The trip may come with delayed flights, bad weather and tummy bugs but the important thing is to enjoy it all together. Think of it as preparation for the rest of your lives as man and wife.


Before you start honeymoon daydreaming, have you booked the venue for your big day yet? If you are looking for a picturesque location, flexible cost and outstanding dining, Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort is your only choice. To hear more about our wedding packages, call our experienced wedding planner today.