Making the Most of Your Wedding Planner

Whether you can’t make up your mind, don’t have the time to plan your own or are just feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the choices you have to make, hiring a wedding planner can make the process much more manageable. These professionals can weed through all of the choices and save you time, money and stress!


Here’s how to make the most of your wedding planner;


Go in with a clear vision

Try to go to the planner with a general idea of what you want and expect for your wedding. Create mood and inspiration boards and show them to your planner on your first visit. You should keep updating it regularly as your tastes change and your vision becomes clearer. Even if you can’t decide exactly what you want, you can at least decide what you definitely don’t want so your planner doesn’t waste time exploring these options. Try to narrow down a style, cake design, room décor ideas, flowers etc to save you both time in the long run.



It should not be left to just the bride or groom to plan the wedding. You will both be married so you should both have equal input. Both bride and groom should communicate regularly with the wedding planner and both should give ideas and input about what they would prefer. Don’t leave this until the last minute! It is so much easier to change a flower arrangement two months before the wedding rather than two days! Regular communication is key to making sure everything is as you imagined it.


Keep a checklist

Just like a mood board, a checklist will be great to keep your vision in focus while planning the big day. Add to it regularly, whenever you or your partner think of something new. Your planner will most likely have a checklist of their own to help you out but you should contribute. Easons have some really pretty wedding planners to keep in your bag and add to whenever you see something you like. Check out One Fab Day for inspiration and to get your list started.



You have paid a lot of money for this wedding and for the wedding planner to help you arrange it. After months of arranging every little detail, you have to leave it to your planner to ensure the day goes smoothly. The most important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy your wedding day. Trust that your planner has everything in hand and don’t sweat the small stuff!

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