5 Things to Remember on your Wedding Day

So many months and years go into planning your wedding you think the big day will never arrive. Next of all, you’re waking up on your wedding day, hoping that you haven’t forgotten anything important. We’ve put together a list to make sure the morning of the big day goes swimmingly.


With all the excitement of the day, hair, makeup, dressing and everything that goes with it, brides and grooms alike tend to forget about the most important meal of the day. Combine a busy day with an empty stomach and you are likely to feel the effects before too long. You should try to avoid stodgy fried foods and stick to a light breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and oats to sustain you until dinner. 

Champagne breakfast

What better way to celebrate the biggest day of your life than with a Mimosa breakfast.  This tasty Champagne and orange juice combo is a firm favourite among bridal parties on the big day and will be a central part of you ‘getting ready’ photos. Just remember not to drink too much! It is easily done with nerves and anticipation but you don’t want all of that fizz to go straight to your head and leave you staggering down the aisle. One or two glasses should be plenty.

Fail to prepare AND prepare to fail

Make sure that you lay out your dress/suit, shoes, and jewellery the night before so everything is ready to step into once you are ready. Ensure they are kept in a clean area with no possibility of anything spilling on it. Save the last minute scramble to find your earrings/cufflinks, that’s the last thing you need on your wedding morning. If you are bringing a clutch bag, have it packed with essentials the night before.

Little touches

In all of the excitement of getting ready you may forget the little touches. Make sure you have a suitable playlist to play in your room when you are getting ready to get you in the mood. Ensure you have put on deodorant and perfume. Make sure the maid of honour has arranged for each member of the party to have flowers pinned on or bouquets in hand. Make a list before to ensure you have everything checked off.

Most importantly… the rings!

There would be no wedding without the rings. You don’t want to be left red-faced at the alter so make sure whoever is responsible for taking the rings has them somewhere safe and takes them to the church. Check, check and triple check.

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